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What is adventure touring?

It’s going on a journey to a destination that you’ve never been before which involves pushing you out of your comfort zone whether that is physically, mentally, culturally, spiritually or all the above, within a safe environment with local guides and a full support system.

These are the journeys that we can experience, learn, grow, and create unbeatable lifetime memories we can share with others. Operated in small or larger groups, so even if you’re travelling solo you can meet some amazing likeminded friends along the way.

Who do use?

With over 23 different UK based tour operators, offering over 8000 different tours worldwide we can help you find the right tour for you.

Creating unforgettable experiences, fully protected under ABTA and ATOL or the equivalent protection should flights not be involved.

With responsibility and sustainability always in mind, so if you can walk, sail, raft, board a train or cycle to a destination all the better!

Why book with My Adventure Travel?

With over 20 years’ experience creating and providing exciting holidays and with the support of our partners we can inspire you to visit some amazing places. We support you from initial idea, sort out any issues that occur prior to travel and can even while you’re away until you arrive safely home. The only thing we don’t do is help you pack!

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